Contract Management

HighQ provides a central hub for end-to-end contract management, enabling you to automate contract creation and approval, manage risk as well as monitor compliance. Be empowered to streamline your contract lifecycle workflow, through to execution.


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Why Choose HighQ?

Many of the world’s leading law firms and legal departments trust HighQ as their secure platform to take performance to new heights.

Manage entire contract lifecycle in one platform

Draft, negotiate, execute and track all contracts in a transparent, central location.

Automate creation, collaboration and approval

HighQ enables business users to generate contracts from automated templates and clause libraries, ensuring speed, accuracy, and compliance.

Work smarter. Faster. Simpler.    

Improve collaboration and engagement

Use an integrated platform to work with colleagues, collaborate on projects, and engage with clients.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Standardise and automate time-consuming work and processes to help teams become more productive and efficient.

Streamline project and matter management

Manage complex projects and matters, assign work and tasks, collaborate on documents and data, and provide complete transparency.

What our customers say about us

HighQ has enabled us to go the extra mile for the client via streamlined bespoke legal advice experiences.
The user experience is fantastic. We have around 12 projects open on HighQ and no one has called to say ‘how do we use it’.
Our investment in HighQ has enabled us to consolidate our legal technology, leading to cost savings of 40%

Greater productivity and client engagement with just one platform.

Client engagement

Set your firm apart at every stage of your client's journey.

Document collaboration

Help teams collobrate on and manage documents securely and efficiently.

Legal project management

Plan, organise, track, and complete work more effiently and intelligently.

Team collaboration

Discover a better way to collaborate, communicate and connect with your teams.

Transaction management

Complete M&A, real estate, and other legal transactions quickly and effectively.

Litigation management

Gain instant, secure access to the critical files and details surrounding your cases.

Portfolio management

Capture, store, and search all information and files related to your portfolio.

Compliance management

Leverage a holistic approach to regulatory tracking compliance for you and your clients.

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