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The premier corporate intelligence monitor for MENA

Thomson Reuters Business Development MENA

Thomson Reuters Business Development is the premier corporate intelligence monitor in MENA, providing you with access to the most comprehensive database of companies and officers in the region, with coverage of all major sectors and industries.

Powered by productivity tools, intelligent search, and access to real-time insight, TRBD is the best tool for generating and qualifying leads for your business. It will help you to conduct market analysis to set your business development strategy and identify future business opportunities.

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How TRBD MENA can help

Sales & Business Development

  • Access hard-to-find contact information for key officers and company financial data.
  • Find and target the right prospects quickly and easily with advanced search capabilities and personalized recommendations.
  • Improve prospecting efforts by qualifying your business development leads more effectively using trusted corporate intelligence.
  • Gain the real-time insights and relationship intelligence needed to engage your prospects with confidence.

Market Research & Intelligence

  • Leverage companies’ data to support your market analysis needs and identify market opportunities.
  • Perform competitor profiling and benchmarking to help set your business strategy.
  • Support your business and investment decisions with the corporate intelligence and real-time insights you need.
  • Access reports from leading research providers to gather sector and industry insights.

What our customers say about TRBD MENA

We often struggle to find information on companies in emerging markets, and getting contact details for people in those companies is even harder. TRBD MENA is an indispensable resource for anyone looking for comprehensive, verified and up-to-date information on companies and business sectors in the Middle East. Using TRBD MENA, we are able to build in-depth company fact sheets and quickly identify the right people to reach out to. It makes it easy to set up meetings when you can demonstrate that you’ve done your research and value their time.

Marc-André de Blois
Director of PR and Video Content
Oxford Business Group