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Thomson Reuters provides cutting edge solutions to help Governments deliver services more efficiently, promote smart government initiatives, transfer of assets and resources, and increase competitiveness.

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Solutions for governments

Implement a proactive strategy

From helping to collect and manage tax revenues in Algeria to creating an online platform for legal codes in Qatar, Thomson Reuters has a strong history of working with governments in MENA. We enable Governments to develop their country from within, whether by creating more efficient legal systems, securing future sources of revenue, promoting transparency, or taking steps to evolve into a knowledge-based economy.

  • Transform cities into smarter communities with sentiment analysis and simplified revenue management lifecycles
  • Provide access to an interactive SME platform with the services required to entice SMEs, suppliers and customers to register
  • Facilitate verification through online interaction between SMEs, suppliers and customers

Develop the financial sector

  • Increase visibility and supervise local FX, FI and MM markets
  • Integrate technology for creating transparency and compliance
  • Develop nascent bond markets
  • Provide a full spectrum of regulatory infrastructure around Shari’a, tax, risk and consumer protection
  • Access a pre-approved set of practice notes and transaction documents for all major Islamic finance transactions aligned to local laws

Secure revenue streams

Managing government revenue is critical to government spending: Thomson Reuters Aumentum is a proven land revenue management solution in rapidly emerging markets.

  • Centralize the land and property registration lifecycle by consolidating lands and properties characteristics and records into a single platform
  •  Encourage foreign investment through real estate transparency.
  • Rationalize government revenue through access to unregistered lands and properties.
  • Prevent fraud, corruption and manipulation of lands, property records and land ownership.
  • Develop effective tax compliance solutions and support government tax automation
  • Streamline and control the property appraisal and valuation process

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Build a knowledge economy

Investing to make cities smarter, cleaner and more livable, with better technology, education, medicine, and infrastructure is the way of the future. Thomson Reuters delivers critical news, information, and research  to help governments improve operations, and better serve their citizens and communities.

  • Facilitate information exchange and linking of government agencies.
  • Promote accessibility and understanding of laws amongst businesses and citizens
  • Raise the standards and contribute to the development of professionalism with the creation and implementation of continued professional development schemes
  • Accelerate healthcare research and innovation

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Create an efficient legal environment

Reduce complexity and raise awareness with Thomson Reuters' suite of legal resources and tools for in-house counsel, as well as compliance and government professionals.  Drive efficiency and greater collaboration with tools specifically designed to conduct investigations and intelligent dashboards.

  • Cultivate best practices on risk mitigation and compliance
  • Facilitate access to regulations and procedures, increase awareness and driving enforcements
  • Modernise court systems and legal processes
  • Drive compliance and governance agenda
  • Screen business partners, individuals, goods and ensuring integrity, and mitigating risks of corruption