Meet global standards

Our legal experts provide in-depth analysis to help you make decisions according to industry best practices and global standards.


Legal training and e-learning

A leader in CLE and professional development for legal practitioners, Thomson Reuters software suite keeps you up to date with legal trends and current with the law. Our solutions provide everything you need to manage continuing education and professional development in law firms and legal departments, including expanding skills, and earning the credits needed in the US, UK, or India.

Decision support (dashboards)

Gain insight into your organization and accelerate decision making. Our intelligent dashboards are tailor-made to suit the needs of your organization, monitoring all chosen entities and providing the live status alerts on all your day-to-day happenings.

Hosting and legal transparency

Thomson Reuters helps improve access to governmental legal services, promote the rule of law, and simplify business procedures by creating videos, documents, and guides.

Legal content analysis and taxonomy

We analyse, review, and restructure the legal content available on public websites to enhance transparency, and make it easier for you to do business.

Benchmarking and legal reports

Our customised legal reports,and intelligent benchmarking and comparative studies deliver prompt and brief cross-jurisdictional answers on different areas of law, giving you the tools to make better-informed decisions.

Digitizing, archiving and e-publishing

Structure, organize, and share your knowledge. Our archiving solution can digitize thousands of hard copies enabling better decision making. Our e-publishing solutions will allow you to share your content on the most accessible and technologically advanced platforms.