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Unified legal technology ecosytem

Elite 3E

Your unified ecosystem for enterprise-level practice, document and operations management.

Graduate to innovation.

Elite 3E is the enterprise-level practice management solution of choice for nearly 300 law firms worldwide. 3E allows your law firm to streamline financial, matter and risk management whilst improving analysis of integrated practice data available through clear customisable insights. Our premium solution removes the old technical debt associated with incorporating siloed data from multiple applications through an implementation service never before seen in the market. 

After a seamless implementation by a team of expert service providers, 3E will deliver unlimited agility and profitability for more effective staff, clients, workflows, foresight, business decisions, and outcomes. Innovate and improve your overall enterprise efficiency with Thomson Reuters’ Elite 3E - your trusted answer.

Embed business processes

Configure, collaborate, connect

Enable change

Behaviour, compliance, technology

Everywhere operation

Mobile, global, scalable

Shine Corporate’s Customer Story

Hear from Jodie Willey, National Special Counsel, to learn how 3E has provided consistency and efficiency to the workflows of Shine Corporate. 


Why choose Elite 3E

Innovate Your Enterprise

Next-generation technology delivers unlimited agility and profitability.


Unify all of your important tasks and data into one integrated solution.

Reduce Risk

Increase efficiency while minimizing business risks and regulatory challenges.

Increase Productivity

Give your lawyers the productivity tools they need to deliver greater efficiency to clients.

Improve Financial Performance

Amp up profits to secure your firm’s financial future.

Did you know?

  • 71%
    of Global 100 firms who bought a new system in the last 5 years selected 3E
  • 331
    law firms worldwide have selected 3E, with over 200 firms expected to be live on 3E by the end of 2020
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