One solution provider

One solution provider

Intelligently connect your work and your world through unrivalled content, expertise, and technologies.


Access to high-quality legal know-how can transform the way legal professionals work. Our smart, automated forms build themselves, cutting down on both manual labour and inaccuracies. Authored by subject experts, they provide reassuring quality, efficiency and a high degree of customisation.

Practical Law

Where information becomes know-how

Practical Law know-how resources are created by expert lawyer-editors to meet the needs of the busy practitioner.  Our team has significant practice experience in top law firms and companies around the world – now their job is to help you do yours.

Designed with customers in mind

Our trusted resources are designed to help you work faster. Whether that’s giving you a head start with a market-leading precedent, providing how-to guidance on the law with an integrated drafting note, or helping you mitigate risk with a checklist.

Access to Practical Law resources allows you to:

  • Advise confidently in unfamiliar jurisdictions with comparative guides to the law worldwide, covering all the major economies
  • Save time and increase efficiency using standard documents, clauses and drafting notes
  • Understand the law and how it applies in practice with a vast bank of practice notes
  • Keep on top of legal and regulatory developments by signing up for legal updates written by experts, telling what you need to know and why
  • Mitigate the risk of using out-of-date information: see instantly if a resource is up to date

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