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Most conduct issues in the workplace arise from due to lack of understanding. Essential training is required to educate your teams to make and keep your workplace safe. Help your organisation create a positive work culture, avoid serious reputational and financial risk with Compliance Learning courses.

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Conduct of Code Course Overview

Knowing how to act in the workplace is not always straightforward. You will learn why organisations have a Code of Conduct guide to help you in uncertain situations. Through our integrated ‘conduct meter’ gamified experience you will learn about social norms, professional ethics and your organisations internal policies. Discover how your conduct and judgement reflect on your organisations reputation and your own success.

Key Course Information 

A seamless Code of Conduct learning journey allows your team to explore key principles through our integrated ‘conduct meter’ gamified experience.

Suits your schedule

Ability to stop, pause and resume where you left off

Enhanced learning

Interactive, gamified and mobile-ready courses improve user experience and knowledge retention.


Courses include in-line quizzes and post-assessments to enable analytical reports and audit trails.


Customise our courses to reflect your corporate brand including relevant case studies, CEO-messages, internal policies and more!

Course Accessibility

Accessibility is the practice of making a platform or learning courses usable by a wider audience, ensuring an inclusive experience to users regardless of any physical or cognitive disability.

That's why we are committed to providing digital accessibility and accessible learning courses for everyone.

Mobile ready

Instant access to your courses anywhere, anytime. Access courses on your Apple or Android devices, either mobile or tablet.

Complete courses offline, with your progress tracked and synced when back online.

Course Details:

Code Of Conduct

This global course explores the key Code of Conduct principles, educating you with real life examples. Each topic is covered in-depth and your knowledge will be tested through the integrated ‘conduct meter’ game, providing an enhanced learning experience.

User Experience

Our courses are interactive, fun and provides a AI-enhanced learning experience that is accessible and engaging.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment practices in your workplace
  • Explain the impact of conduct violations
  • Outline the importance of preventing bribery
  • Understand why fair dealing is important
  • Identify the impact of sanctions and trade embargoes
  • Understand insider dealing and its penalties

Real Life Examples

You will be able to watch videos showcasing realistic scenarios such as identifying if Sarah is correct in sending Dan into a warehouse without safety equipment.

Explore key regulatory compliance themes

Anti-money laundering

Code of conduct

Data privacy, IT & cyber security

Anti-bribery & corruption

Conflicts of interest

Course catalogue

Download our popular online course catalogue including Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption, Conduct Risk, Information Security and Cyber Risk plus many more

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