Talking Tech with
Thomson Reuters

Real-life stories on how the world’s most innovative companies are solving complex challenges using our technology solutions


Episode 1

Simplifying statutory financial reporting in a large enterprise

In our 1st episode, we explain how we helped a large accounting and admin services provider in the Asia Pacific region solve their daily statutory financial reporting challenges.


Episode 2

Helping a retailer automate their BAS preparation process

In Episode 2 of Talking Tech, we discuss how we helped a retailer automate their BAS return preparation process, and identify and resolve discrepancies at a transactional level – despite having over 6 million transactions per month.


Episode 3

Solving a multinational organisation’s VAT and GST challenges

In this episode we explore how a multinational organisation was able to stop relying on complex Excel spreadsheets to meet their requirements for VAT and GST returns across the globe.


Episode 4

Helping a pharma manufacturer improve governance and control

The 4th Episode of Talking Tech focuses on how we enabled a large pharmaceutical manufacturer to scale its tax and statutory financial reporting processes, and meet key governance and control objectives.


Episode 5

IT group overcomes US tax determination challenges 

In this episode, we discuss a global information technology company with prominent operations in the US. Given the complexities inherent in US tax regulations, this organisation found it challenging to calculate taxes correctly using a manual process. Learn how we helped them resolve all their issues, and achieve a range of business benefits with tax automation.


Episode 6

MNE automates to solve tax reporting challenges 

Our client – a privately held group with a footprint in 17 countries and multiple business lines – found it challenging to keep up with indirect tax regulations across jurisdictions. With multiple source systems, timely reporting proved difficult. In this episode, we discuss how our technology has been adopted to optimise and automate the group’s indirect tax return preparation process.

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