Orbitax Global Minimum Tax
Are you ready for the Global Minimum Tax imperative?

Learn how you can automate calculation, compliance and forecasting for global minimum tax with Orbitax GMT, utilising its powerful database of 190+ countries  

Easily manage the largest tax reform across various tax jurisdictions for Global Minimum Tax

Effortless data management

Collect entity, transaction, and financial data across various formats via 90+ API connectors and other powerful data collection methods that ensure your team manages data efficiently!

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Simplify calculations and reduce errors

Automatically calculate global minimum top-up tax across local countries concurrently and run simulations on entity and transaction changes for operational readiness. Reduce the time required to research and ensure the accuracy of these taxes across different jurisdictions. 

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Efficient reporting and compliance

File faster in all tax jurisdictions with pre-linked tax forms for GloBE Information Return, and other supplemental returns, as applicable.

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Take the first step towards operational readiness for Global Minimum Tax with ONESOURCE Tax Provision

Protect your time

Make better sense out of the tax complexity that comes with the Pillar 2 rules automating calculations to give yourself more time to think.

Reduce risk and errors

Close the books faster using ONESOURCE Tax Provision to automate the periodic calculations for tax provision, deferred taxes, and effective tax rate.

API connector with Orbitax GMT

Orbitax Global Minimum Tax seamlessly integrates with Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE Tax Provision solution with an out of the box API connector, making you better prepared for the upcoming GMT rollout.

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70% of accounting and tax professionals spend more than half their time reviewing and validating data prior to leveraging it for their tax provision

Tax Technology and Transformation report, EY

Tackle the complexities of GMT through our alliances

"Tackle the complexity of Pillar 2- Global Minimum Tax readiness, compliance, and reporting through our alliance - combining technology from Thomson Reuters and Orbitax with EY's tax technical and process expertise."

Agnes Fok
Partner, Tax Technology & Transformation 

Asia-Pacific Tax Centre, EY 

What you get with Thomson Reuters and Orbitax Global Minimum Tax

Safe harbour eligibility and readiness assessment 

Quickly identify jurisdictions that are exempt under Safe harbour rules of OECD Pillar 2, using pre-defined logic in the software

Simplified data collection

Load entity, transaction, and other financial data from any source in any format via four different methods into the six pre-built input templates.  

Automated calculations

Quickly determine effective tax rates and top-up tax liability for jurisdictions your organization operates in using built-in country-specific calculators. 

Efficient global compliance

Generate and e-file GloBE Information Returns (GIR) or other tax forms, as applicable, in relevant jurisdictions that have Pillar 2 filing obligations. 

Multi-year global tax forecasting 

Perform multi-year forecast calculations by expanding base-year input with growth assumptions and other input changes and further analyse data using built-in dashboards.

Comprehensive Pillar 2 library

Use material related to Pillar 2 rules issued by OECD, country specific laws, EU directive that are embedded in the solution to keep yourself up to date.