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CoCounsel. Focus on the work that matters with a trusted Gen AI assistant

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What can CoCounsel do? 

CoCounsel can read, comprehend and write at a postgraduate level

Ask a question and review up to 1,000 documents in minutes, including in multiple languages. CoCounsel will read your document library and answer, with citations to sources. Quickly find everything from critical testimony in extensive transcripts to key terms in dense contracts. 

Complete the work of a junior associate in minutes

Interpret and condense critical information in any type of document – including dense agreements, complex contracts, and lengthy opinions – faster than humanly possible without missing key details. 

Quickly ensure multiple contracts comply with policy 

Capture every clause in a set of contracts to find non-compliance, report risks and recommend revisions. 

Save hours on tedious yet critical timelines

Choose your files, tell CoCounsel what to focus on, and receive an organized chronology that you can easily refine.

CoCounsel can even read handwriting!

Accelerate the work you do every day

CoCounsel vs. Real Humans

How much is hype and what can really be achieved with generative AI?

In March 2024, we invited 6 lawyers from keystone firms to compare manual legal processes against CoCounsel. Here’s what they had to say.

What do lawyers think? 

We asked some key clients and industry leaders what they thought of CoCounsel. Here’s what they had to say.

Gareth Cantin
Head of Knowledge
Gilbert + Tobin

Joel Kennedy
Head of Client & Strategic Projects
Lander & Rogers

Ryan Murphy
Senior Associate