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Global Classification

AI powered classification driving collaboration, compliance and accuracy

You can't afford slowdowns in your global supply chains with incorrect HS codes. 

You rely on accurate HS codes to move products through customs because you can't afford slowdowns along your global supply chain. With our team of over 200 researchers covering 240 countries and providing regulatory updates to our global product classification software — Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Classification — you'll spend fewer hours determining and maintaining product classification. Plus, you'll improve consistency and collaboration across your team. Classification has never been easier — with our Smart HS tool, you can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to save time and improve accuracy with automated 6-digit classifications.

How teams get empowered with smart classification by ONESOURCE 

Spreadsheets can be unreliable and outdated. Take a modern approach.

Automate your classification work

Automate tracking of activities, set up tasks for products to be classified, and assign them to your team.

Use the power of artificial intelligence

Save time with automated 6-digit classifications using our AI-powered classification tool, Smart HS.

Ensure consistency

Compare product classifications across geographies or business units to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Maintain audit trail

​Attach documentation to your individual product records that supports classification, valuation, and duty calculations.

Stay on top of regulatory changes

Manage new, retired, and changed HS numbers and changing OGA requirements to ensure parts remain accurately classified.

Simplify reporting

Leverage standard, out-of-the-box reports, queries, and scorecards to assist in data analysis and workflow management.

Meet each trade challenge with confidence with ONESOURCE Global Trade.

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Smart HS in Action 

Smart HS is an innovative and intelligent classification tool that has evolved from a global network of both users and analysts. The tool is always learning and becomes even more accurate as you continue to use the solution.

Smart HS tool free trial

Experience the power of AI to streamline and automate your classification workflows