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Westlaw Edge UK

Research in ways never before possible

The standard for legal research


Westlaw Edge UK brings together a legacy of quality and accurate legal research and the latest advancements in legal technology. First-of-its-kind features like visual case analysis, intelligent comparison tools, and the most powerful legal search engine expedite legal research tasks that were once incredibly complex and time-consuming.

Westlaw UK has always been the standard for legal research. Westlaw Edge UK raises that standard with a new level of thoroughness and efficiency.

Unrivaled research capabilities

Westlaw Edge UK includes access to powerful tools designed to help you complete research tasks in less time without sacrificing accuracy.


Take advantage of tools which allow you to easily find detail within large volumes of content, while taking the bigger picture into account.


Navigate an increasingly dynamic regulatory environment, including EU Divergence, so you can anticipate change and give trustworthy guidance.


Expose new information and deepen understanding with Edge's next-generation tools which are the most advanced on the market.


Empower all members of your team to deliver the results that you can trust, in less time than before.

… Rather than having to trawl through a list of cases, the interactive analytics enable the lawyer to locate and marshal cases with great efficiency, both saving time and providing the material for a better end product."

Making it easier to get the right answers right away

Westlaw Edge UK builds off the strong foundation that generations of lawyers have relied on for thorough and accurate research


Rely on best-in-class technological innovation at every stage of your legal research

Editorial Enhancements

Enhancements such as Westlaw Questions and Statutory Annotations make it easier to find, validate, and interpret the law


Access the most comprehensive collection of legal information, backed by a rigorous editorial process

Exclusive capabilities of Westlaw Edge UK

Try Westlaw Edge UK and get full access to powerful features like visual case analysis and legislative compare. No credit card is required, cancel anytime during the trial period.

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