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The legal landscape in the Middle East and North Africa is dynamic and ever-changing. Westlaw Middle East has been developed to meet all your legal research needs, providing you with a wealth of legal information by in-house legal matter experts from the region. 


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Westlaw Gulf and Lexgulf have been integrated and upgraded into Westlaw Middle East to provide you with an all-encompassing platform covering the entire Middle East and North Africa region. The Westlaw Middle East platform is available with new features to accelerate and customize your research process.

Obtain a variety of legal information with an in-depth and detailed legal view with our premium coverage or a legal foundation of core laws with our core coverage.  

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We offer training as part of your subscription to help you get the most of Westlaw Middle East. Our experienced training team will guide you through sessions tailored to your requirements:

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Speak to your Account Manager to arrange Westlaw Middle East training for yourself or your organization. 

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