Eradicating your supply chain of sanctions and reputational risk

The recent case against ZTE Corp for evading U.S. government sanctions highlights the importance of having a vigorous supply chain risk strategy in order to avoid both financial implications and long lasting reputational damage. David Shepherd, Market Development Lead for Risk at Thomson Reuters MENA, discusses the impact of supply chain risk and how to put screening strategies in place to protect your organization.
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Like many other corporations around the world, companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with exposure to complex supply chains are putting robust sanctions and reputational risk management strategies into place.

It can be a constant challenge to ensure compliance with all the sanctions requirements imposed by different governments, especially since their targeted entities vary and these are frequently updated. However, considering the potentially devastating consequences of being associated with a sanctions breach – even inadvertently – it’s crucial to keep pace with sanctions developments. It’s also necessary to have a clear view on all the risks that your organization is vulnerable to on every tier of your supply chain.

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