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NOV 17, 2016

Trade & Investments between MENA & Sub-Saharan Africa

The trade and investment relations between Middle East and North Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa have substantially evolved during the past decade, driven by strong economic development, superior demographics and mutual agreements that laid foundations for a larger potential ahead.

Total trade of goods between MENA and SSA reached peak levels during recent years, having progressed at a pronounced pace. This trend has further entrenched the complementarity between the production and trading ecosystems of both regions and sets the oor for steady potential ahead. 

Selected countries have been the key drivers behind the development of trade between SSA and MENA. Geographies such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia account for the lion’s share of the flow of goods between both directions.

From the Arab region side, UAE was the major trade partner in 2015 with around $8.9bn, followed by Saudi Arabia with $6.9bn and Morocco $1.8bn. Together these countries account for 2/3 of the trade with SSA.

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