A compliant e-invoicing solution, purpose-built for VAT in Saudi Arabia

Accurate, effortless e-invoicing from the first time.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the first country in the GCC to introduce e-invoicing, in an effort to enhance transparency, efficiency, and promote fair competition for its businesses.  Phase 1 is already underway, and companies are required to prepare for Phase of e-invoicing implementation, which goes live from 1 January 2023. 

ONESOURCE e-invoicing is your complete technology solution for Phase 1, Phase 2 and future developments. It automates the issuance, exchange and processing of all invoices, credit notes, and debit notes in the format specified by ZATCA.

It also integrates seamlessly with ZATCA e-invoicing platfrom through APIs, for a smooth clearance and reporting process.

Prepare now for Phase 2 to ensure you are regulation ready ahead of time

See how ONESOURCE E-invoicing works

Ensure full compliance with ONESOURCE e-invoicing

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE offers an end-to-end solution for managing Indirect Tax in MENA, including ONESOURCE Determination, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance – and now: ONESOURCE e-invoicing. Our solutions can be used individually or combined for end-to-end automation and accuracy, every time.  Allow Thomson Reuters to help deliver a complete offering for Phase 1 and future proof your business for Phase 2.

Benefits of ONESOURCE e-invoicing solution


Integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP platforms and other business systems to improve data accessibility, accuracy and transparency. Our solutions are on premise and ensures your data resides in KSA. 


Generates Tax Invoices and associated Debit / Credit Notes with all the mandatory fields, including QR Codes for Simplified Invoices, as required by ZATCA. This is generated in Arabic, English or bilingual versions.


The solution provides a robust audit defense and includes a mechanism that allows detection of any data intervention or manipulation. It also complies with the data residency and data security requirements in Saudi Arabia, as well as International standards (OWASP certified).


Developed specifically to meet evolving e-invoicing requirements in Saudi Arabia, the solution also draws on our expertise of e-invoicing implementations in other jurisdictions, including India. We have the flexibility to develop invoice formats in your size and company colour scheme.

What you get with ONESOURCE E-invoicing?

Flexible importing - real-time upload through APIs, batch upload using SFTP or manual upload

  • Validation - Verifies the compliance status of your generated invoices using the ZATCA Software Development Kit tool
  • 24x7 local support - Our local team of compliance experts are here to help you on your e-invoicing obligations and support you with any new market developments
  • Format conversion - Generates all types of e-invoices and automatically converts input data from your source systems to the required format (XML or PDF / A-3 with embedded XML)
  • e-Archive - We support companies to archive and store the generated e-invoices according to the regulations for compliance and audit purpose.

Sooner or later, the tax authority of every country will implement an e-invoicing system. They will not stop there. There is a strong possibility some countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will also adapt to best practices in Europe, China etc., by mandating requirements akin to SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax).

How can we help your business?

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE offers best-in-class solutions for every aspect of Indirect Tax in the MENA region and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.

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