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Global Trade Management

An intelligent response to regulatory complexity

Complying with trade regulations is not an option.  However, staying current on the rules is a never-ending task for global enterprises—and can be a massive burden on resources. Considering the rapidly changing dynamics in the current global trade landscape, it has become increasingly necessary for organizations to have easy access to up-to-date regulatory information from trusted sources.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Trade provides the regulatory content and comprehensive trade compliance information that’s required to mitigate risk and inform sound business decisions. 

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Why Thomson Reuters Global Trade Management

See global patterns

Identify import/export customs trends across your supply chain from harmonized data

Global Sanctions Content

Meet your regulatory obligations and make informed decisions with denied entities information collected and curated by a global network of multilingual analysts

Enhanced Security

Screen companies and individuals with extensive global media research from more than 100,000 additional sources and get automatic updates

Identify new opportunities

Compare and validate your sourcing or sales lanes to global trends to plan and implement new import/export strategies

Assess tariffs

View and compare main/preferential duty rates, future rates and rules of origin

Find global trade regulations

Covering over 210 countries and territories & 450 trade agreement rules of origin, apply the latest rules of origin for current and future FTAs