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Global Minimum Tax:
Advanced Insights into mastering OECD's BEPS Pillar 2.0

26th June 2024

10.30AM GST 

Online webinar

Don't miss this exclusive webinar hosted by Thomson Reuters in collaboration with Alvarez and Marsal, focusing on the latest developments in the global implementation of OECD's BEPS Pillar 2.0. Expert speakers will provide updates on the adoption of these complex rules in Europe, the US, and Asia, with a special emphasis on the impact for the MENA region.

The webinar will address misconceptions about the applicability of Transitional Safe Harbour provisions, discuss timelines, and highlight the importance of immediate action for long-term compliance and success. Key topics will include detailed data requirements, readiness, domestic implementation plans, compliance deadlines, and the anticipated changes affecting operations from 2024 onwards.

Additionally, there will be a focus on the latest developments in the GCC, including insights into the UAE's public consultation and expected directions from the Ministry of Finance.

Participants will receive practical guidance on navigating Pillar 2.0 complexities, including a comprehensive project plan to streamline efforts. This will encompass the role of technology in reducing compliance burdens, from data integration to the seamless creation and submission of GIR/QDMTT returns. Moreover, the webinar will provide a comprehensive guide on building a solid business case for effectively managing the new compliance landscape.

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What you'll discover:

GMT Compliance is Complex

Considering that multinationals need to collate data from 150+ sources to ensure GMT compliance, end-to-end automation in tax processes is essential. Additionally, effective knowledge management for adherence to evolving BEPS Pillar Two standards is critical.

The Time to Act is Now

Delaying GMT preparation is a high-risk strategy. Early action not only mitigates risks but also positions businesses as leaders in a globally compliant and transparent business landscape. Take the much-needed step towards navigating the complexities of GMT with confidence. 


Sam Johnstone
Direct Tax Lead
Thomson Reuters

Pooja Khetwani
Senior Solution Consultant
Thomson Reuters

Jordan Gill
Assistant Director, International Tax
Alvarez and Marsal