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The legal landscape in the Middle East and North Africa is dynamic and ever-changing. Westlaw Middle East has been developed to meet all your legal research needs, providing you with a wealth of legal information by in-house legal matter experts from the region. 


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What is Westlaw?

Westlaw is an online legal research service that allows you to complete legal research faster and with greater confidence. Westlaw can be tailored to your region, providing localised content and legislation updated to-the-minute. Depending on where you operate, some of the regions we cover include:

We offer training as part of your subscription to help you get the most of Westlaw Middle East. Our experienced training team will guide you through sessions tailored to your requirements:

  •  On-site
  •  Practice area workshops
  •  One-on-one via phone or WebEx

Speak to your Account Manager to arrange Westlaw training for yourself or your organization. 

What does Westlaw cover?


Access consolidated primary and secondary legislation for the Middle East and North Africa. Westlaw Middle East provides clear and concise access to the full text, progress tracking and proposed amendments to enacted legislation specific to the region.


Our vast and ever expanding bank of case law helps you find the information you need quickly, whether you’re looking for a few simple details, deeper analysis or the wider resources for full in-depth research.


A host of legal journals will always reflect the key topics across the industry. As prominent issues are addressed in the media, you can bet that you will find those articles on Westlaw UK, helping you to understand the issues that matter.


Acting as a springboard for the rest of your research, Insight offers links to related content throughout Westlaw, allowing you to quickly gain an overview of the subject as well as the key issues that you may need to consider.

Online books and looseleafs

To help you put the law into context, we offer a large range of market leading online books and looseleaf titles. Mitigate risk associated with using out of date content thanks to online indications of currency and instant updates.

Current awareness

Our Current Awareness content, containing information on cases, legislation, and legal developments, is updated every 5 minutes from 8am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, ensuring you’ll get all the information you need to stay up to date and nothing more.


Whether you’re looking for information on industry specific matters, international developments or local news stories, our hugely expansive, independent coverage keeps you informed of the developments that matter to you.

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