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Social collaboration

Improve your team’s productivity and unlock its potential with social collaboration

Transform the way you work together

Improving communication is one of the key challenges facing organisations today. Improve team interaction and stay competitive with the HighQ social collaboration solution.

Take the work out of teamwork

When you have one place where everyone can go to find answers, connect with key people, share knowledge and stay on task, working together becomes effortless and efficient.

Give productivity a boost

Email inboxes are inefficient and make us less productive. Social collaboration reduces email traffic by moving group conversations and discussions into an activity stream.

The HighQ difference

Powerful and practical

Instantly and securely share files, create and edit content, post videos and articles, track projects, and more.

Networked and engaged

Social collaboration means team members can follow, interact with, and learn from thought leaders across your enterprise.

Instant and accessible

Share information with colleagues, project teams and communities of interest in real time, regardless of time zone or location.

Flexible and simple

HighQ makes it easy to collaborate and share information with external users in minutes.

Ready to take the next step?

See how you can leverage the benefits of social collaboration with HighQ