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Introducing HighQ 5.7

Get up to speed on the latest feature enhancements and put them to work for you.

Discover what's new in HighQ

Explore the enhancements that will help you increase productivity and provide a more responsive and tailored client experience. HighQ 5.7 builds upon its modern adaptable technology to further enable your firm to simplify your legal processes, boost productivity, improve collaboration, and streamline project and matter management.

CLM made simple

Thomson Reuters provides an end-to-end CLM solution that enables law departments to gain full visibility across contract assets, produce tailored documents faster, and proactively manage risk and obligations with simplified workflows.


End-to-end contract management workflows

Simplify contract intake & initiation

  • Easily ingest third-party paper contracts with new customizable forms, Outlook, or Microsoft Teams integration
  • Empower business stakeholders to self-serve with HighQ’s powerful document automation tool
  • Confidently align to market best practices with Practical Law automated templates

Quickly assign & review contracts

  • Remove the manual steps associated with assigning contractual work with automated triaging
  • Review and edit contracts with Microsoft Word and Google Docs integration
  • Never miss a deadline with task boards and workflow rule builder to help manage and track contractual processes

Streamline contract execution with real-time visibility 

  • Ensure control over your contracts with simplified, data-driven approval processes
  • Send contracts for on-demand approvals and reassign approvers with ease
  • Expedite the signing process with Adobe Sign and DocuSign integration
  • Quickly understand where contracts are in the signing process with eSignature dashboards

Strategically advise your business with AI-powered document intelligence

  • Accelerate document review by searching across your entire portfolio in seconds and extract key clauses and obligations
  • Quickly identify liability and operational risks to avoid costly penalties
  • Review documents in seconds with models designed specifically for legal departments
  • Manage obligations holistically across your portfolio with easy-to-build dashboards and enhanced data visualizations
  • Contribute to growth by uncovering potential cost-saving opportunities within contract assets

Key benefits of using Contract Lifecycle Management

Workflow automation

Complete portfolio visibility

AI-Powered contract analysis

Easy to implement

Pre-configured templates

Risk management

HighQ capabilities

Client collaboration

Give your organization everything it needs to exchange critical transactional information quickly and securely with clients, providing a superior client experience.

Contract lifecycle management

Maximize value with efficient end-to-end contract lifecycle management. Gain visibility across your business’s contract assets, proactively manage obligations, pre-empt risk, and drive growth.

Document automation

Drive efficiencies by automating high-volume, routine documents or complex suites of documents using more powerful HighQ document automation powered by Contract Express.

Connectors and integrations

Take full advantage of our mature APIs, a vibrant developer community, and native integrations with other key systems.

Experience HighQ

Discover how HighQ can help your organisation be more automated, efficient, and accessible. Speak to our consultant today.

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