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BEPS Action Manager

One System. One Story. Global Compliance.

Transparency is the future of tax reporting

And more MNEs are turning to ONESOURCE BEPS Action Manager from Thomson Reuters to automate processes and gain clarity needed to navigate evolving regulations.

Using one set of data in our BEPS software, you can produce customized research and requirements for Action 13 regulations and create country-compliant CbC reports for more than 25 countries. You can also configure your annual notification process to your specific fact pattern and global footprint. Plus, in certain jurisdictions, you can produce non-OECD local and master file forms and lodgment. Along with these compliance activities, you'll get entity charting, document storage, and powerful analytics that will help with analyzing data like a tax authority. BEPS Action Manager combines research, data management, entity charting, reporting and analytics, electronic conversion, and filing in a single solution.

How can you prepare for BEPS regulation?

See how Thomson Reuters can help global corporations navigate changing regulations in international taxation and transfer pricing.


What you get with our BEPS software


Get up-to-date and customized global BEPS research: local legislative rules, timings and CbC, Master File and Local File data requirements.


Automatically allocate tax structures and jurisdictional rules while maintaining quality control for precise CbC reporting.

Risk management

Get data insights to predict risk areas, support value creation, and validate CbC, Master File, and Local file reporting.


Create various versions of your CbC report to compare data year over year or between different data sources.

Case study

Franklin Electric achieved compliance in less time with ONESOURCE BEPS Actcion Manager.

"For companies with multiple ERP systems, it will take gross amounts of time to understand the resources and man hours necessary for compliance. A software solution with the functionality of BEPS Action Manager is crucial for achieving an accurate outcome."

Mark Moon
Senior Tax Accountant, Franklin Electric

BEPS Action 13 reporting

The 4 most important issues to consider when evaluating technology to help manage your BEPS-related obligations.

Limit your risk.
Meet your obligations.
Exceed expectations.