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Febraury 2021

Expanding Your Law Firm's Tech Function to Support Business

It helps to have a cloud-based technology that can scale with you.

You support your law firm’s business model in many ways and looking after clients is number one. Clients expect a particular level of service and expertise from your firm and trust you to deliver for them.

But how well would your clients appraise you on your firm’s current legal tech stack? Furthermore, do these technologies support your law firm’s business model and help you to deliver client services? If you’re unsure, we’ve compiled some practical use-cases to help you evaluate and devise your expansion plan.

Here’s some relatable examples of what HighQ offers law firms, no matter their size, and how firms can benefit from stretching their law firm’s tech function to support the business of law...

Prioritise the virtual client experience

We know that you want to give your clients the best strategic legal services possible, so why not personalise their online experience? Between bespoke client portals and unique workspaces, HighQ can help your firm stand out in the marketplace. 

There are a few things you can easily implement to offer your clients more. With HighQ , you can maintain client engagement and collaboration in the cloud. This enables you and your firm to deliver 24/7 expert content and advice, while streamlining instructions for your team to ensure that every matter is handled on time. 

Through HighQ, firms cater to their corporate clients’ needs via digital experiences. This provides a greater level of clarity and visibility so clients always know where things stand. There’s also easy access to your billing details, archived projects, files, contracts and more – the possibilities are endless. 

Find and manage the information you need

It can be argued that in any law firm, having the ability to seamlessly share discussions and information between lawyers can support efficiencies in legal projects. HighQ provides a single and secure space where your lawyers can easily access content, no matter the device they choose to work on. 

You’re also able follow expert groups and projects, which can improve the legal expertise of your team whenever required. Having the ability to sift through knowledge at your fingertips is a process improvement worth implementing within your firm, helping legal practitioners to make more informed decisions on the day-to-day execution of their services.

Enhance team and client collaboration

According to Acritas data obtained across the Asia-Pacific region, 79% of lawyers want the ability to work remotely at least one day a week. If the hybrid working model is here to stay, firms need to offer flexible technology to go with it.  

Keeping up to date with the status of projects can be tricky even when colleagues are a few desks away, let alone remotely working. To combat this, team and client collaboration in any form is essential for a firm’s productivity to survive. 

With HighQ, you can prioritise document collaboration, regardless of where your team is located in the world. The same goes for whichever device they choose to work on – your team can create, share and edit documents all in the one platform. Data and crucial information become centralised, meaning you and your colleagues will always have the tools necessary to complete your work quickly.

Case Study: Herbert Smith Freehills

In a world where entire workflows are often still run through Excel spreadsheets, there are huge opportunities to completely transform and disrupt the legal service industry. That’s according to Melanie Ryan, Head of Client & Technology Services ALT (Asia & Australia) and Simon Herman, Web Services Manager, at Herbert Smith Freehills.

“Our team experienced huge efficiencies through a reduction in the amount of time spent drafting, and by consistently having access to up-to-date instructions from the client. With HighQ’s automated workflows, uniform documents were generated with ease and the client had complete oversight over the entire process,” they said.

It was a structured, uniform and custom-made portal that ensured a seamless experience for both the client and ourselves.

Access critical documents, anywhere, anytime

If a common issue for your team is time and billing management, the cloud can help you shift your focus onto the disputes or litigations that matter most. Imagine if you had a real-time picture of your team’s current progress on cases? Or work trackers and automated features that removed the need to take care of routine tasks and promote efficient litigation management? 

Managing multiple deadlines is more efficient with a cloud-based solution such as HighQ. This technology provides insight into what to charge a client based on previous data gleaned from previous matters, ensuring you are always on budget.

Complete transactions with transparency

Staying on top of your transactions can help guarantee better deal outcomes, and to do that you need two things in your arsenal: efficiency and transparency. HighQ delivers automation and real-time status reporting on every aspect of a project, plus the ability to manage all signatures, data and other tasks surrounding a deal.

Deal information is always kept private, regardless of how many times it needs to be shared across your firm or elsewhere. This can give your team the confidence they need to meet a client’s expectations. By having this transaction management feature in your corner, you’ll fast track your deal process and mitigate risks for your clients.  

Securing your law firm's future

If you’re a firm experiencing growth or even tough competition, it helps to have a cloud-based technology that can scale with you. HighQ not only solves common challenges your firm may face daily; it could also be the answer to increasing your clients’ share of wallet.

Speak with a Thomson Reuters specialist today about enhancing your virtual workplace with the HighQ platform solution. 

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