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Three reasons to automate your documents today

Contract Express. Document automation that allows you to create and manage legal documents in an efficient and compliant way.

Law firms and legal departments are under intense pressure to demonstrate their value. To ensure continued competitiveness and ROI, there is no time like the present to integrate legal technology into your daily workflow. With Contract Express, you can easily transform your firm or legal department into a predictable, cost effective and efficient business.

Get back your billable hours
Whether you’re a lawyer working in a firm or in-house, the bread and butter task of legal document drafting and management is a key challenge in day-today-work. Not only does it take up long hours to manually draft, correct, send, review and execute, many of these hours often go unbilled.

To reduce the amount of time written off, lawyers in leading firms are using document automation software to make the process of creating and maintaining legal documents more efficient. Through standardised templates, you can produce accurate standard contracts in less time, with less work. Not only does this save you time (up to 82%, as reported in a recent survey) and money, you can pass these savings onto your clients while maintaining premium billing rates.

With the demand for efficiency becoming particularly evident in high-growth economies, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, there is a corresponding increase in pressure on in-house counsel to demonstrate value beyond purely serving as a legal function of the organisation. By using automated document assembly, questionnaires and templates to draft and maintain contracts, you can spend less time bogged down in cumbersome paperwork and more time on more strategic and profitable legal work.

Test-drive Contract Express now

Be compliance confident
Manually drafted documents carry a higher risk of human error, and that can be financially and reputationally costly. Document automation can substantially reduce the probability of such errors.

Drafting from automated templates that use intuitive questionnaire methodologies ensure accuracy from day one. These templates are also easily maintained and can be updated in suites. This means less work in combing through past documents individually to make sure they are updated and compliant. The previously painstaking and error-prone work of checking and marking hundreds of pages is made streamlined and efficient, and reducing the number of people required to create the document means there is less potential for mistakes.

The right document automation for legal work will allow mark-up variables to meet complex requirements; seamless integration with other software such as DocuSign, HighQ and iManage; and easy updating of templates in Word without cumbersome programming. Additionally, automated risk triggers, robust approval systems and rigorous closing of compliance loopholes helps to uphold the integrity of your documents at all times.

Make legal tech a driving force of innovation
The days of legal departments and firms being thought of as separate to the businesses they service are over. Legal services are in a prime position to demonstrate efficiency and innovation, and the case has never been stronger for firms and in-house counsel to not just adopt legal technology, but use it as a foundation upon which to build their legal service offerings.

Through innovative, specialised document automation software, you can take a tangible first step in becoming a true partner to your clients and stakeholders.

If increasing productivity, creating and managing legal documents in an efficient and compliant way, and driving innovation are key priorities, test drive Contract Express today.