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What's Keeping Legal Leaders Up at Night in MENA?

The 8 biggest challenges facing legal departments and law firms in MENA

Over the past 18 months, general counsel and managing partners in the MENA region implemented a wide range of measures to ensure business continuity during the pandemic. New technology-enabled ways of working were introduced to maintain organisational cohesion and safeguard the provision of high-quality legal services. 

In this special whitepaper, legal leaders at law firms and corporations across the Middle East reveal:

  1. How they are delivering greater value from legal budgets during the pandemic
  2. How they are ensuring they are seen as enablers of business growth 
  3. How they are supporting implementation of organisational values in unpredictable times
  4. How they are maintaining legal knowledge and skills under remote working arrangements
  5. How they are managing heavy workloads and addressing work/life balance issues 
  6. How they are maintaining staff morale and workplace relationships 
  7. How they are leveraging legal technology to maximise operational efficiency
  8. How they are adapting their teams’ operating models to evolving business needs

Learn more about how corporate counsel and managing partners are strategically responding to their eight biggest challenges in the MENA region.

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