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Filing VAT returns: thinking beyond the first year [Part 2]

Part two of a two-part insight collaboration video with ACCA Middle East

Companies in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are turning a corner in their VAT implementation journeys, after filing their first returns. How have they adapted to the new tax landscape based on the lessons learned thus far?

We explore the need to bring finance and IT closer together within the enterprise – providing guidance on how organizations can continually improve their VAT compliance processes. It’s all about driving efficiency and resilience in a dynamic business and tax landscape.

In part 2 of our video insight collaboration with the ACCA Middle East, watch as Pierre Arman, Market Development Lead for Tax and Accounting at Thomson Reuters, MENA, explores how the finance function is evolving, and how organizations can embrace technology to thrive in the GCC’s new VAT environment.

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