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Navigating complexity in the VAT Journey in Oman

The GCC has entered a new VAT era - with the region implementing VAT for the first time. Naturally, with such fiscal reform comes a number of challenges and opportunities to re-evaluate processes, systems and wider functions.

With the UAE and KSA having implemented VAT on 1 January 2018, there have been a number of lessons learnt to further aid the wider GCC region as they undertake the implementation process. In order to ensure VAT compliance, there are a number of challenges which should be navigated early on in the journey.

Watch our video insight in collaboration with ACCA where Pierre Arman, Market Development Lead for Tax and Accounting, MENA shares his perspectives on how you can navigate the VAT implementation journey in Oman.

Now that companies in the UAE and KSA have experienced the first phase of VAT implementation, several process and technology challenges have come to light.

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