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Regulation and Compliance Management

Our intelligence working for you

Make well-informed decisions to confidently manage regulatory risk

Regulatory Intelligence

Access the most trusted intelligence in a single solution

Thomson Reuters is the only provider to offer a comprehensive, built-in product to address the unique needs of your compliance teams. Our unique one-stop Regulatory intelligence provides globally sourced content and advanced technology to help you gather, monitor, and analyze regulatory data and track developments in a rapidly changing environment.

With Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence feeds you receive:

  • access to one of the most thorough and rich repositories of regulatory information in the world
  • global coverage of regulatory developments from over 1000 supervisory bodies
  • more than 2500 collections of regulatory & legislative materials

Fill in the form and to speak to a specialist and learn how Regulatory Intelligence can keep your organization in touch with the constantly changing regulatory landscape.

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Features and Benefits

Practical, actionable information

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence Feeds automatically connects you with comprehensive compliance content up to three times a day. Reports can be created and customized for board level reporting and shared within your organization.

Regulatory risk management

Base risk and mitigation decisions on current and complete information from a local and global perspective. Regulatory intelligence provides information that has been stringently tracked, monitored, and analyzed, reducing the potential room for errors and helping you manage and mitigate risk.

Trusted and reliable

Our subject matter experts and editorial team offer insights and analysis on regulatory news and events daily to ensure that you have all the tools to make better-informed business decisions.

Customizable content

Customize and filter the content in your feeds for direct relevance to your organization. This simplifies the research process, making it easy to find relevant information and get clarity on what is most important to your business.