Regtech: The Governance Lifecycle

It is estimated that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by as much as three years. Regulatory technology (regtech) is likely to be an inherent part of any digital transformation in a financial services firm. 

It is critical that firms pay close attention to the corporate governance attached to the lifecycle of any regtech solution under consideration.  

“Regtech: The Governance Lifecycle” follows the Thomson Reuters Fintech, Regtech and Role of Compliance Report for 2021, which encouraged firms to deploy solutions on solid foundations and get corporate governance right. In a growing marketplace with a range of potentially valuable solutions on offer, this report explores what good governance looks like when applied to the implementation and embedding of regtech applications.

Discover the main elements which make for an impactful governance lifecycle, including:

  • Strategy
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Implementation
  • Outsourcing
  • Reporting
  • Reviewing the future

To learn more about governance issues surrounding regtech solutions, download your copy of "Regtech: The Governance Lifecycle” report written by Susannah Hammond and Mike Cowan, Senior Regulatory Intelligence Experts. Complete the form to gain access. 

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