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Your complete, compliant e-Invoicing 
solution for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Accurate, Compliant E-Invoicing – Every Time

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the first in the GCC to implement mandatory electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) as a means to close the tax gap, enhance transparency and efficiency, and promote fair competition and consumer protection.

With the Generation Phase (Phase 1) already underway, companies in the region now need to prepare for the Integration Phase (Phase 2) of e-invoicing implementation, which goes live from 1 January 2023. This entails additional technical requirements that e-invoicing electronic systems must comply with, including the integration of taxpayer electronic systems with ZATCA and the issuance of electronic invoices in a specific format.

Developed to help you manage all the technical and legal requirements for e-invoicing in the Kingdom, ONESOURCE e-invoicing is your complete technology solution for Phase 1, Phase 2 and future developments.

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  • Automate the issuance, exchange and processing of tax e-invoices, simplified tax e-invoices, credit notes and debit notes in the format specified by ZATCA.
  • Ensure effortless, secure integration with the ZATCA e-invoicing platform.

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