How companies are facing up to increasing tax burdens

Thomson Reuters recently interviewed 30+ global tax directors to understand the challenges indirect tax managers are facing, and how indirect tax teams are evolving their role to best deal with them and using technology for support. Learn more about the key themes that came out of this survey in the inaugural indirect tax report, “More than just a process”.

IDT Report Infographic

Qualitative interviews with tax managers in large companies around the world identified challenges indirect tax managers face and the strategies they are using to adapt and succeed. 

What are the driving challenges for you and your indirect tax team?
See how other global tax professionals are dealing with their concerns in our new report Indirect taxes: Much more than just a process

You can also Watch our free on-demand webinarFuture-proof your indirect tax team to achieve their strategic goals to learn practical tips on optimizing data management, how to get key stakeholder buy-ins for embracing technology and recruiting new hires, and more.

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