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Video Series

Road to VAT 

Your guide to getting VAT ready

Preparing for VAT: What to expect? 

Getting ready for VAT early allows your business to successfully adapt and transform itself into a VAT compliant organization. This ensures that any potential difficulties faced in the implementation process are overcome helping you avoid any penalties.

Our comprehensive VAT videos provide useful insight regarding the requirements of the VAT implementation process.

Road to VAT videos 


Episode 1 | Impact Assessment 

Helal Alrefai, Senior Tax Analyst at Thomson Reuters MENA, explains what an impact assessment is and why it is important to start your tax journey by conducting one. 


Episode 2 | Understanding the Current Technology

What technology is available today that can help with your tax processes?  Helal Alrefai, Senior Tax Analyst at Thomson Reuters MENA lists the current technology. 


Episode 3 | VAT Awareness within Organizations

Which departments will VAT impact? Helal Alrefai, Senior Tax Analyst at Thomson Reuters MENA, breaks down how the VAT implementation process affects the different areas in your organization. 

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