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Reshaping the Cybersecurity Strategy

Thomson Reuters MENA: Hot Seat - Episode 7 Reshaping the Cybersecurity Strategy

Thomson Reuters MENA: Hot Seat - Episode 7 Reshaping the Cybersecurity Strategy

During the pandemic, many organizations have been compelled to accelerate their cybersecurity transformation initiatives to mitigate new risks and ensure business continuity.

In the next episode of our Hot Seat Series, we discuss this critical topic with Mir Dawar Ali, Head of IT at ACWA Power. He gives us an overview of the challenges faced, new budget priorities in the cybersecurity space, and best practices that can be adopted to enhance resilience and security for corporations in the coming months.

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About the interviewee

Mir Dawar Ali, as IT Director ACWA Power International, sets and evolves the strategic IT direction for the company providing a portfolio of services and strong leadership to drive its execution. Mir has nearly 19 years of global experience in the IT services industry with a strong track record of driving digital transformation for enterprises, executing business turnarounds and managing successful project deliveries during his tenure at AppsPro Technology Co, Arab Bank PLC and PerformICT Technology Co.

Mir leads the cyber security initiative at ACWA Power, where he managed to develop a comprehensive framework model to set the baseline of his organization security. He is also responsible for the entire IT cluster comprising of Application and Development Services, Cloud Infrastructure Services, and Technology Operations Services.

He holds Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science from PSUT, Jordan, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Systems from NED University of Science and Technology, Pakistan. 

Previous Episode

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