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Fast, easy, and accurate product classification 

Save time and improve accuracy with automated 6-digit classification

Start your 30-day free trial of Smart HS, our AI-powered classification tool

Product classification has never been easier.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to truly transform the routine classification process. Classification assistance software that’s rooted in the principles of AI can help you streamline the classification process and avoid the accidental under or overpayment of duties. Gain confidence and improve your level of compliance with automated 6-digit product classification for 178 countries worldwide and a customs-ready audit trail.

Whether you’re a current customer or not, we invite you to sign up for a 30-day free trial of our innovative and intelligent classification tool, Smart HS.

What you get with AI-powered classification

Improve classification accuracy

Reduce your risk of noncompliance and incorrect duty payments by improving the accuracy of your classifications

Reduce time spent on classification activity

Save time with automated 6-digit classifications, allowing you to shift your attention to more strategic activities

Leverage up-to-date trade data

Enhance your country-specific research capabilities by leveraging the most comprehensive database of trade regulations on the market today, which is updated 24/7 and includes tariffs schedules, duty rates, binding rulings, and more

Simple and intuitive classification

Step 1

Enter a basic product description such as a wooden chair or turbine engine.

Step 2

If required, the software will guide you through a series of tailored questions, which use product characteristics taken from the tariff schedule, to recommend an HS number at the 6-digit, WCO level.

Step 3

You can then select the correct, fully qualified HS number with the use of additional navigation and research tools.

Contact us today

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