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Legal business management

HighQ benefits

Explore the capabilities that will transform the way you work

Enterprise-grade features

Transform the way you work and engage with clients and colleagues using HighQ’s intelligent solution that combines automated workflows, document automation and secure collaboration.

Powerful core features to get your work done faster

Essential security options

Keep your data secure with single sign-on, granular permissions, activity tracking and reporting, plus digital rights management in the Advanced package – and meet today's robust security standards.

Document management

Collaborate more effectively with advanced file versioning and editing, plus document comparison and custom metadata in the Advanced package.

File storage and sharing

Securely share files with other people, and sync your own documents to your mobile device or to your desktop with HighQ Drive.

Social collaboration

Keep the conversation going with activity streams, wikis, blogs, user profiles, commenting, tags, and private messaging.

Solution templating

Leverage the ability to create repeatable, portable solutions taking advantage of the full breadth of HighQ capabilities.

APIs, Apps, and add-ins

Take advantage of mature APIs and native integrations with other key applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Access more advanced features for increased visibility and control

Step up the features that will set your firm or legal department apart from the rest.

Task assignment and tracking

Transform your workflow with agile task management, timelines, calendaring, and other sophisticated legal project management capabilities.

Smart forms and data sheets

Discover advanced iSheets capabilities with smart form capture and structured data collaboration.

Configurable site dashboards

Create customisable project dashboards with status tracking, activity and data visualisation.

Customisable metadata

Filter, sort, categorise, and analyse content by capturing and displaying custom metadata for files, tasks, or sites.

Shared team calendars

Increase visibility for upcoming project milestones, deadlines, and meetings with advanced calendaring tools.

Fundamentally transform your legal operations with these premium features

HighQ capabilities take your legal team to the next level while freeing up time for more strategic work.

AI-based document analysis

Save time with AI Hub seamlessly connecting native HighQ AI and third-party engines like Kira, Leverton and Eigen, into the platform.

Data visualisation

Create advanced charts and visualisations for tasks, document analysis, and iSheets data.

Optical character recognition

Leverage the ability to electronically convert 500,000 scanned pages per year into machine-encoded text.

Workflow automation

Leverage our trigger-based process automation engine to automate manual, error-prone, repetitive, and time consuming tasks.

Strengthen your investment with helpful add-ons

Enhance your HighQ experience with additional features that help to address almost any legal use case.

HighQ document automation

Assemble and generate documents with dynamic data based on templates.

HighQ Publisher

Transform your expertise and know-how into tailored and engaging experiences across multiple channels for internal or external audiences.

Connectors and integrations

Take full advantage of our mature APIs, a vibrant developer community, and native integrations with other key systems.

Enhanced security

Boost security with advanced features, including managed encryption keys.

External users and additional storage

Grant access to additional users external to the client organisation and add even more internal storage capacity.

Ready to see HighQ in action?

Contact us for more information and to see what a difference HighQ can make.